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This is a brief, non-exhaustive list of the projects I am or was involved with. Please see the resume and my page on the HaxbyLab website for more information and publications list.

Previous projects

Inter-modality fusion of brain imaging data is what my interests are nowadays. We're working with fMRI and EEG data. So if you're involved in the same kind of research - you might find couple of interesting links on my Diary-Links page. More details on the project you can find on Fusion Project page.

Before (while being in Ukraine) I wrote couple of cool pieces of software when I had no clue about existence of Linux. So they were mostly written in Borland Pascal and Delphi. Later I'll make them available here just for your and my fun. There are some still available from my High School's web site.

Recent Publications

Please see the bibliography on the HaxbyLab webpage